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Congratulations to the Winning of Several Major Awards in the Hotel Industry of Shandong Province by Weifang Binhai Tourism Group




Recently, the 4th Member Conference of the 4th Committee of Shandong Tourist Hotels Association & 2018 Shandong Hotel Industry Commendation Conference was held in Changsha City of Hunan Province. Over 400 persons attended the conference, including members of the Association, experts of Think Tank, General Manager of member units, supplier representatives and journalists. 
On the Conference, the work of the Shandong Tourist Hotels Association was summarized comprehensively, tasks for 2019 were arranged, and member units performed excellently were commended. Weifang Binhai Tourism Group won the honorary title of 2018 Shandong Hotel Industry "Friendly Shandong New Year Celebration Award" depending on its outstanding overall quality, advanced development philosophy and meticulous service standard. Weifang Binhai Conference Reception Center, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, was rated as "Shandong Green Hotel" and "One of the Top 50 Shandong Conference Hotels". 
In recent years, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group has followed the new trend of consumption upgrading in the mass tourism times, kept enriching the tourism business formats, forged “Joy Sea” catering chain brands, established the "New Dubai" hotel service benchmark, promoted continuous increases of competitiveness and influences of Weifang Binhai Tourism and successfully completed reception work of a series of major activities such as World Kiteboarding Championships, International Kite Festival and International Equestrian Festival, etc. which were praised widely vistors. In the new year, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group will stick to the general work requirement of "Focusing on the Main Industry and Working Together to Implement Work Concretely" of the Association, be practical and serve the mass, plan on a high starting point and implement work in accordance with high standards to make more contributions to high-quality development of the hotel industry of Shandong Province. 


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