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Gorgeous Fireworks on the Bank of Bailang River Round Moon Reflected in Bohai Sea The First Bohai Eye Ferris Wheel Fireworks Show Was Held Grandly




On Feb. 19, the First Bohai Eye Ferris Wheel Fireworks Show of the Group was held in Bailang River Scenic Area. The activity attracted over 20,000 citizens and visitors. Fireworks blossoming in the sky of the Scenic Area and the “Bohai Eye” Ferris Wheel set off each other, presenting a gorgeous visual feast. 
After the night fell, the bright and clear round moon escaped from the clouds, and it seemed like that it would like to witness the gorgeous fireworks show. At 18:58, along with the loud sound of firecrackers, Bohai Eye Fireworks Show kicked off formally. After several loud sounds, fireworks went straightly to the sky one by one with red spark, presenting beautiful firework flowers in the night sky. Golden "coco" and "golden willow" were launched into the sky firstly. They were like towering trees stretching leaves in the sky. Bunches burnt at the lower altitude were like colorful lotus blossoming on the river surface. Sceneries at the high altitude and the low altitude set off each other, presenting a stereo beautiful picture. Followed that, firework portfolio of six sceneries ("Spring-summer-autumn-winter", "Colorful", "Splendid and Magnificent", "Corolla" and "Brilliant") brought the activity to the climax. "Fortune Blessing", "Wealth Blessing" and "Good Luck" fireworks presented blessings to the tourists on site. Colorful blooming fireworks were extremely magnificent under the gorgeous night light of the ferris wheel. On that moment, it was the sea of songs and laugh under the starry sky, setting off the beautiful night of Binhai more. After completion of the fireworks show, the round moon rose to the top of the ferris wheel, and tourists boarded on it to appreciate the bright moon. 
On the day of the festival, “Bohai Eye” Ferris Wheel was open at night, all the items were operated as usual. In addition, the Scenic Area also prepared the activity of latten riddles. Tourists who figured out the riddle would get exquisite gifts such as windmill, bowknot, etc. Witty riddles attracted participation of a lot of middle school and primary school students. With the help of parents, thy learnt much knowledge in games. Smiles could be seen on faces of all families. 
In the preliminary period, Bailang River Scenic Area Management Company and the public security bureau of Binhai District determined the scheme for constructing the fireworks setting off platform above the water and carried out drills repeatedly with respect to traffic dispersion, handling of emergencies, etc. through times of alignment and study to guarantee smooth progress of the activity. Meanwhile, the Group also makes use of many platforms to publicize vigorously the activity such as taxi, Toutiao, WeChat public account, Tik Tok, etc., significantly improving the recognition of Binhai District and the Scenic Area. 
Successful completion of the activity publicized the “Bohai Eye” fireworks show brand preliminarily, accumulating experience for further implementation of featured festivals of fireworks in the Scenic Area. In 2019, the Group will continuously launch diversified tourism activities to organically integrate major festivals and modern tourism, technological innovation and all-media advertising; take traditional cultures as the main line, fully explore market potentials of each festival and holiday, expand publicity and increase incomes based on activities to improve tourists' satisfaction, create more economic benefits and social benefits and promote tourism development of Binhai District with outstanding performance. 


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