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Innovation Bridge Shines Bright Light Wenchang Lake Has a New Look Wenchang Lake Dream Weavers Square Art Corridor Was Put into Formal Use




Recently, Wenchang Lake Dream Weavers Square Art Corridor has been put into formal use. Perfecting night scene and improving the image of the Scenic Area, it has attracted many tourists and teachers and students in the university town to appreciate it. The scene was very lively. 
"Look, it becomes firework! So beautiful!" Looking at the change of light on the art corridor, a couple of lovers laughed happily. Meandering along Wenchang Lake, you can see the sweet lovers and warm families of parents and a child who are deeply attracted by the lively pictures. Some of them may stop to gazing these pictures and some may take a photo to remember the moment. All people want to remember the charm. The magnificent images are elegantly displayed on both sides of the Innovation Bridge. There is bright-colored and solemn Five-stared Red Flag, romatic cheery blossom with the breath of Spring, colorful firework, colorful and lively balloons, beautiful coastal sceneries and so on. Pictures change alternatively, adding vigor for the quiet Wenchang Lake. It has become another landmark of tourism in Binhai District. It is said that the light art corridor can also be used for providing services such as marriage proposal, birthday blessing, idol supports. If you want to make a confession to somebody you love, the art corridor will be the most novel and romantic choice. 
The light art corridor is 290m long (single side) and 5m high on the top. 2,528 sets of LED bar-type projection lamps and 217,472 sets of LED point light sources are used for construction of the corridor. Through controlling the light projection angle and scope and making full use of characteristics of artificial light, including manifestation and restraining, appearing and hiding, concreteness and virtuality, moving and stillness, the spatial change effect is rendered, spatial proportion is improved and spatial levels are increased, enhancing the expressive force of colors and the stereo feeling of the bridge and realizing harmonious uniformity of modern light-shadow art and the natural environment and humanistic environment. 
Since its opening in 2017, Wenchang Lake Dream Weavers Square has been widely praised by tourists depending on its unique coastal two-floor building, beautiful landscape, bright night scene and warm and professional services. After the light art corridor is put into use, the cultural tourism connotation of the Dream Weavers Square has been further enriched and improved, and the Square has become a new light spot of coastal tourism and a new "online popular place".


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