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Popular of Many Scenic Areas, With Many Tourists The Prosperous Holiday Tourism Market in Binhai District of Weifang City




Binhai District of Weifang City received 181,000 person-times accumulatively during the “May Day”, 48,700 person-times during the Ching Ming Festival and 28,300 person-times during the Spring Festival of this year, realizing successive rise of the number of tourists in holidays. 
In recent years, tourism infrastructure in Binhai District of Weifang City has been improved continuously. Led by international and national festivals and competitions, competitive high-end tourism projects have been promoted, its tourism popularity has been increasing and its tourism market has become increasingly prosperous, which can be described with "blowout". Weifang Binhai Joy Sea Beach, “Bohai Eye” Ferris Wheel, Weifang Binhai City Art Center and Wenchang Lake Dream Weavers Square subordinate to Weifang Binhai Tourism Group achieved a significant increase of the number of tourists which was two times of that in the same period of last year. Many tourism modes have been popular among tourists, such as the coastal tourism, inquiry learning tourism, "online popular place" tourism, indicating that Weifang Binhai is ushering the tourist season. 
Weifang Binhai Joy Sea Beach is extremely popular in suburban coastal tourism. Weifang Binhai Joy Sea Beach Scenic Area is an AAAA tourism scenic area. With fine and soft sand beach, calm waves and clear water, it has become the first choice of coastal recreation of citizens of Weifang City and surrounding areas. During the “May Day” just past, making use of the opportunity of the 36th Weifang International Kite Festival, China Binhai International Art Biennial was successfully held. During the Biennial, works of over 100 artists at home and abroad were exhibited collectively, attracting many tourists. In combination with its own characteristics, Weifang Binhai Joy Sea Beach Scenic Area actively explored coastal tourism, inquiry learning tourism, quality development tourism and corresponding tourism products and launched luxury yacht holiday promotion activity and organized many performance activities which were praised by wide tourists. Weifang Binhai Joy Sea Beach Scenic Area received 126,000 person-times accumulatively during the May Day. Tourists were mainly from Weifang City and other cities in Shandong Province. They came to the Scenic Spot by driving a car, and most tourists have been coming here for times. 
Bohai Eye Ferris Wheel is still a hot spot. As a landmark tourism project forged by Weifang Binhai Tourism Group, “Bohai Eye” Ferris Wheel is talked on the Internet increasingly for its many "labels" such as the Guinness World Record - "The Highest Shaftless Ferris Wheel in the World", Super Engineering of Shandong Province, National AAA Scenic Spot, etc. Meanwhile, National "Bohai Eye" China Tourism Image Ambassador Selection Activity is being held vigorously in Weifang, Jinan, Qingdao, Chengdu and so on, further expanding the popularity and influences of the Scenic Spot. Water recreation projects such as canoeing, Daytripper sailboat and dragon boat in the Scenic Spot became new light spots, double canoeing, single canoeing, parent-child canoeing were popular among tourists. The number of tourists received by the Scenic Spot during the holiday reached a new peak. During the “May Day”, the Scenic Spot launched many promotions and field performance activities for featured projects such as the ferris wheel, virtual roller coaster, transformer, etc., relieving the nervous emotion of tourists during queuing and becoming a wonderful scenery on site, which were praised by wide tourists. 
Inquiry learning tourism and other multi-aspect blossoming. Except for the sand beach and the ferris wheel, inquiry learning tourism in Weifang Binhai City Art Center and self-driving tourism in Wenchang Lake Dream Weavers Square also became new light spots during the holiday of this year. The number of tourists received this year increased significantly compared with that of last year. Weifang Binhai City Art Center and 2050 City Park have become hot scenic spots for inquiry learning tourism. Many inquiry learning tourism teams came here during the holiday to feel the salt & fishery cultures of Binhai and understand the planning of Binhai for its future development. Wenchang Lake Sailboat Motorboat Club newly established is the only sailboat motorboat club in Weifang City. It has been popular among wide sailboat motorboat lovers and attracted many tourists of Shandong Province to come here to experience the project. Besides, 9DVR Virtual Reality Experience Pavilion, Blue Fantasy Cinema and New Concept Book Mall have been popular among self-driving tourist too. 
Since this year, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group under the strong leadership of Binhai Party Working Committee and Binhai Management Committee has deeply explored the potential of scenic spots, strengthened marketing of tourism and continuously improved service level, realizing multi-aspect blossoming of tourism activities and winning wide praise. Binhai Tourism Brand is being expanded increasingly and has developed into a gold coast and an online popular place for coastal experience of tourists. 


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