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Weifang Binhai City Art Center Was Rated as the Municipal Patriotism Education Base




Recently, the Publicity Department of the Weifang Municipal Party Committee of the CPC has released the name list of the 5th batch of municipal patriotism education bases, Weifang Binhai City Art Center subordinate to Weifang Binhai Tourism Group was the only unit of Binhai District in this year. 
Weifang Binhai City Art Center is located in the core area of Ocean Technology University Park of Binhai District. Taking "City Roof" as its design philosophy, looking back to the development history of Binhai and looking forward to the future of Binhai by virtue of modern technologies, the Center is an important window of displaying the city image of Binhai and a landmark of inheriting Binhai's Red cultures and ocean cultures. 
In Apr. 2018, Weifang Binhai City Art Center joined the line of "Travel in Shandong Province" Inquiry Learning Activity Base and became an important base for students in Weifang City and surrounding areas to feel Binhai salt & fishery cultures, Red cultures, ocean cultures and ecological cultures and carrying out adolescence patriotism education. In Jul. 2018, the "Red Tour" Party Construction Exhibition Hall of Weifang Binhai Tourism Group on 4F of Binhai City Art Center was formally put into use. As a demonstration landmark of state-owned enterprise Party construction exhibition halls and an important link of Party spirit education, the Exhibition Hall has successively received many teams to feel the Red feelings and accept edification of the Red spirits, including Shandong Corporate Culture Society, retired cadres of Weifang City, etc. In addition, Weifang Binhai City Art Center has held the patriotism photo exhibition and the oil painting exhibition for times to review the national liberation undertaking, carry forward the spirit of patriotism and inherit the Red qualities. 
Since its opening in 2016, Weifang Binhai City Art Center has received over 150,000 person-times accumulatively and has been widely praised by broad visitors. In the next step, the Group will keep strengthening operation management of Weifang Binhai City Art Center and deeply explore the ocean cultures and Red cultures o Binhai District to forge it into a first-grade education base. 


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