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Launched Promotions Strengthened Advertising Ferris Wheel Scenic Spot Filled with Tourists during the Ching Ming Festival




During the “Ching Ming Festival”, Weifang Bohai Eye Ferris Wheel Scenic Spot took the opportunity of the holiday, planned in advance, coordinated with concerned parties, elaborately organized activities and strengthened advertising and received over 9,200 person-times and realized a breakthrough of revenue of RMB 500,000, ushering a tourism climax. 
Before the Ching Ming Festival, “Bohai Eye Ferris Wheel Scenic Spot prepared the Binhai Trourism Marketing Strategy specific to tourism during the Ching Ming Festival that "taking Spring outing as the theme, focusing on ferris wheel and taking canoeing and sailboat as the supporting projects" in combination with the current status of Bohai Eye Ferris Wheel Scenic Spot and launched three promotions of "30% discount for tourists who share the water recreation projects into the WeChat Moments", "exquissite gifts for tourists who get 66 likes" and "providing the turists for free with Binhai Dragon Boat Sailing Base as the kite flying ground"; Meanwhile, over 20 posters were stuck to colleges and universities of Binhai, and over 150 coupons of sailboat and canoeing projects were distributed; Ferris Wheel Scenic Spot cooperated with other units of the Group to strengthen advertising, helped each other display the advertising film and pasted roll-up banner painting. In addition, the unit vigorously advertised the activity by virtue of media, including WFTV, Binhai Daily, the enterprise's WeChat public account, etc., achieving good advertising effects. 
During the Holiday, the Scenic Spot distributed 300 satisfaction investigation forms which include 17 items of contents to seek advices and opinions of tourists for the Scenic Spot. As a result, the customers' satisfaction was up to 98%, and no complaint occurred. Good software and hardware in the Scenic Spot were widely praised by tourists. 


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