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During the “May Day”, Joy Sea Beach (AAAA scenic area) and “Bohai Eye” Ferris Wheel Scenic Spot received 145,000 person-times, increasing by almost 3 times compared with that in the same period of last year. Since this year, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group has focused on the cultural tourism industry, taken forging famous tourist scenic areas as the starting point and has formed the strong force of "secondary startup" with the combination of fast implementation among all the concerned personnel, strict implementation and actual performance and the forceful development momentum of cultural tourism industry through advertising water recreation contents, organizing and undertaking famous festivals and conferences and developing and constructing competitive cultural tourism projects, etc. 
Continuously enrich recreation projects and improve the connotation of scenic areas. The Tourism Group insists on advertising “water recreation contents”. During the May Day, Bohai “Eye Ferris” Wheel and Wenchang Lake Dream Weavers Square Scenic Spot newly introduced several emerging projects such as synchronized water skiing water scooter, water flying man and so on and several competitive projects such as water canoeing and Daytripper sailboat which became popular once they are launched. Complementing with carnival projects in Joy Sea Beach Scenic Area such as the luxury business yacht, luxury sightseeing yacht, assault boat, water bicycle and so on, these newly introduced projects provide much joy for tourists who like the sea and water recreation projects. In addition, the Oceanic Pasture Waterfront Platform invested by the Tourism Group has been delivered to the Joy Sea Scenic Area. High-quality recreation projects integrated with sea sightseeing, catering & leisure, recreational fishing and other functions will be forged to further enrich and perfect the connotation of the Scenic Spot and expand the reputation and influences of the Joysea Resort Area Brand. 
Organize and undertake famous festivals and conferences to promote integrated development of "cultures, sports and tourism". Tourism Group insists on development led by festivals and conferences. In this year, the Tourism Group has undertaken the 36th Weifang International Kite Festival and introduced the national featured (city) town basketball invitation competition which were advertised and reported by central mainstream media such as CCTV, further expanding the influences of Binhai Tourism. The "Bohai Eye" China tourism image ambassador selection activity is under way vigorously. With the participation of ten major cities of China and more than 100 higher education institutes, the activity has attracted more than 3,000 contestants to enter for the activity. Meanwhile, emerging publicity and advertising means such as the Tik Tok challenge are used for promoting Binhai Tourism to forge a national competitive cultural activity brand. In this year, the Group will also independently plan and organize large comprehensive tourism festival and conference activity "Joy Sea Beach Culture Festival", hold large competitions successfully, including the World Kiteboarding Championships, Strawberry Music Festival and so on and keep producing the topic effect to promote in-depth integration of tourism and culture, sports, music, etc. and bring Binhai to the international stage and make Binhai catch the eyes of the whole world. 
Plan to construct competitive cultural tourism projects and forge new landscapes of Binhai Resort. Tourism Group sticks to the philosophy of developing tourism of the whole region and solidly promotes construction of competitive cultural tourism projects. To guarantee that Weifang Binhai International Kite Flying Square could be put into operation on time, the Party Committee of the Group held several times of topic meetings to study the measures, and leaders of each division controled implementation on site, and finally the project promotion engineering was completed successfully with their vigorous support and the 36th Weifang International Kite Festival was successfully held as sheduled. The Wyndham Grand was completed with a high quality and efficiently by virtue of arranging work of each section based on the general construction schedule and was put into trial operation during the Kite Festival, successfully forging a resort of Joy Sea Scenic Ara. Meanwhile, Joy Sea International Yacht Marina, Ark Hotel, Beihai Rural Oasis Complex and other projects are under orderly construction. By virtue of the protective development of tourism resources, the emerging tourism and holiday destinations with Bailang River as the bond are forged. 
In addition, Oceanic Science Popularization Inquiry Learning Tourism Activity based on key nodes of Weifang Binhai City Art Center, Malaysia Pavilion, “Bohai Eye” Ferris Wheel and so on is carried out consistently, creating more influences. In this year, the only one skill master featured workstation in Shandong Province has been located in Weifang Binhai Tourism Group, opening a new chapter of R & D and heritage of Shandong Cuisine and development of tourism hotels of Weifang. In the next step, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group will carry out the "Year of Practical Work" activity in an in-depth way, publicize "tourism +" integrated development, deeply explore the development potential of Weifang Binhai Tourism, continuously stimulate and improve the vigor of the cultural tourism industry, and forge competitive cultural tourism products to promote high-quality development of Binhai Tourism. 


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