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The Group Is Awarded as the Famous Service Brand in Shandong Province in 2018




Recently, the Quality Evaluation Association of Shandong Province and Shandong Council for Brand Development issues a list of famous service brands in Shandong Province in 2018. The "Seaside Tourism Resort" project of the group is awarded as the title of famous service brand in Shandong Province in 2018. 
In recent years, the Group has been continuously improving its service level and quality, and accelerates the integrative development of culture and tourism industry. Relying on abundant marine resources and marine recreational projects, comprehensive development of marine resources, tourism industry, salt & fishery cultures in coastal areas has formed a marine tourism complex, including five major scenic areas of City Art Center, Joy Sea Beach, Yacht Marina, Bailang River Scenic Area and "Dream Plaza" of Wenchang Lake. It has fostered a series of popular projects, such as the luxury yacht, 6D film, Marine Science museum, Malaysia pavilion, etc. to improve the tourist experience and make them enjoy the scenic area and forget to return. The group puts forward the service concept of "professional ethics, three-first service, five performance services and six-in-one" and formulates the service policies of "adhering to zero-distance service, adhering to one-stop service" and the service goal of "satisfying customers' needs and exceeding customers' expectations". It also follows the service procedure that the "warmly welcoming and delivering, considerate recreation design, meticulous experience attention, friendly and natural interaction to enhance the service" is the final objective. Gradually, the service brand is formed. 
Next, the group will implement the new requirements for quality and brand building of provincial Party committee and provincial government, further promote the transition to new from old economic engines and the development of the "four news" and "four modernizations", constantly improve the service level and quality, and strive to create the modern tourism based on the blue ocean, and become a leader in the development of marine tourism resources. 


Joy Sea Tourist Resort

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