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Three Enterprises Subordinate To the Group Won the Title of "Famous Travel Service Brand in Shandong Province"




Recently, Shandong Tourism Industry Association has conducted the selection and award-giving activities of "Shandong Famous Tourism Service Brand". Three enterprises subordinate to the group, including Weifang Joy Sea Beach Management Co., Ltd., Weifang Binhai Conference Reception Center Co., Ltd., and ZTTS, won the honor. 
In 2018, Joy Sea Beach has received more than 2.29 million person-times in total. Relying on the environmental advantages of national 4A scenic areas, it held a variety of festival activities, and actively carried out the optimization and upgrading of scenic areas to provide better tourism experience for tourists. The Conference Reception Center won the title of "The Green Hotel in Shandong Province" and so on. It offered special services and specialty dishes, providing professional and considerate services for more than 10,000 guests at home and abroad. ZTTS provided nearly 1,000 domestic and foreign travelling routes for tourists. With professional and considerate services and excellent and mature travelling routes, it has received unanimous praise from the tourists. 
The group earnestly fulfills its social responsibilities, actively maintains the tourism image of "Friendly Shandong", and highlights the characteristics of the Binhai area to create a tourism brand depending on the unique ocean scenery and tourism resource of Binhai, Weifang. With the successful holding of a series of festivals and competitions, including the International Kite Festival, Binhai Strawberry Music Festival, International Kite Surfing Championship, International Equestrian Festival, it makes the festivals and service brands of Binhai tourism more popular, effectively enhances the popularity and influence of Binhai tourism, and wins the unanimous praise of the tourists by virtue of its good reputation and excellent service. 
In the next step, the Group will take this opportunity to accelerate the construction of the enterprise service brand and standardization, create a safe and reassuring environment for tourism and consumption, enhance the civilized hospitality awareness, and contribute to the promotion of high-quality development of tourism industry and the transition to new from old economic engines of Binhai District. 


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