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Fulfill Social Responsibilities Manifest the Assurance of State-owned Enterprise The Group Is Awarded as the Brand Enterprise of "Honest Shandong Enterprise" in Weifang City




Recently, the launching ceremony of " Honest Shandong Enterprise" of "Virtue Convinces the World and Peace Creates the Future" in 2018, organized by the Propaganda Department of Weifang Municipal Committee and prepared by Weifang TV Station, was held in Weifang Radio and Television Building. In the ceremony, 219 enterprises in the province, municipality and county levels with the brand name of "Honest Shandong Enterprise" were released, and the group was awarded the brand enterprise of "Honest Shandong Enterprise" in Weifang City. 
In 2018, under the guidance of Party construction, under finishing different kinds of production and management works, the Group vigorously promoted the spirit of honest Shandong enterprise, actively participated in the initiative, and carried out a lot of fruitful works in the fields of human-based harmonious management, innovation of corporate culture, and fulfillment of social responsibilities. During this period, the group organized and carried out more than 60 cultural, training and social public welfare activities, such as "Spring Outward Bound Training", "March 8th Women's Day", "Binhai Travel Hall", "Month for Learning from Lei Feng", "Guard Angel and Help Orphans Grow up", "Jinyang Love to Start a Dream" and so on. During Shouguang flood disaster last year, the Group mobilized a large number of manpower and material resources for the first time, and actively participated in disaster resistance and relief works through on-site rescue and donations and other forms. The group was awarded as the "Advanced Unit in Characteristic Culture Development in New Era" and "Advanced Enterprise in the Disaster Resistance and Relief Works" by Shandong Province Corporate Culture Society and Shandong Province Federation of Trade Unions. The award of the brand enterprise of Honest Shandong Enterprise is a full affirmation and encouragement of the group's achievements. 
In the next step, the group will take this honor as an opportunity, strictly comply with the standard requirements of the brand enterprise of "Honest Shandong Enterprise", combine with the work deployment of volunteer service activities of civilized practice center of new era of city and district civilization offices, further concentrate on social public welfare undertakings, improve and upgrade the level of activities such as "Month for Learning from Lei Feng" volunteer service, vigorously fulfill social responsibilities, and fully manifest the state-owned enterprise's mind and responsibilities. 


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