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Joy Sea Beach and Bailang River Scenic Area Win the Title of "Civilization and Honest Window"




Recently, the evaluation results of "Civilization and Honest Window, Civilization and Honest Pacesetter" in the coastal area are announced, and the Joy Sea Beach Scenic Area Tourist Center, Ferris Wheel Ticket Window of Bailanghe Scenic Area won the title of "Civilization and Honest Window" and Sun Kexin in Joy Sea Beach Scenic Area and Guo Huanrong in Bailanghe Scenic Area won the title of "Civilization and Honest Pacesetter". 
All the time, focusing on the core business of tourism, and based on Joy Sea Beach and Bailanghe Scenic Area, Weifang Binhai Tourism Group focuses on internal operation and management, and expands the hotel, catering and travel agency chains outside. With the standardized, scientific, normalized and humanized management services, the group improves the civilization and honest level of various operating outlets, gradually making the brand of Binhai tourism more popular and achieving the better development. In terms of hardware, through the implementation of the scenic area upgrading project, the group could enrich the content of recreation, upgrade the scenic area level, and provide basic guarantee for safe and high-quality services. In terms of software, personalized emotional services are integrated into normalized and standardized service processes, staff training is strengthened, service awareness and service skills of tourism practitioners are continuously improved, and civilized language and courtesy are advocated for tourism practitioners, which promote the improvement of customer satisfaction and gain a good social reputation.


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